CE Marking Compliance

From July 2013, under Article 9 of the Construction Products Regulation, it became mandatory for building products sold in the UK to comply with the European Economic Area (EEA) CE Marking requirements.

New European test methods, and the means of measuring these, have been developed and accepted by all countries in the EEA. As responsible manufacturers, committed to maintaining the highest standards, we welcome the recognition that the CE mark brings, and its visible reassurance to our customers and end users.


The CE mark (Conformité Européenne) signifies European Conformity and is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant EEA health, safety and environmental protection legislation. Manufacturers of building products who want to export to any EEA member state are now required to meet the regulations and their products must carry the CE mark.

In effect, the CE mark on Howarth products demonstrates that the product can be sold legally throughout the EEA, and is fit for purpose. It provides assurance that our products meet defined minimum standards for health, safety and economy of energy. The CE designation is not a ‘quality mark’ - where, for example, a UK trade or professional organisation has drawn up its own requirements and standards and owns its own mark - but is a regulatory common approach to conformity throughout all member countries of the EEA.

BS644:2012 Timber Windows and Door Sets. Fully Finished Factory-Assembled Windows and Door Sets of Various Types, Specification.    

As a founder member of the British Woodworking Federation Timber Window Accreditation Scheme and as a member of  The Wood Windows Alliance, we can assure our customers of the highest levels of product performance, durability and manufacturing standards.    

BS5368 Part 1, 2 & 3. High performance Part C Rating. It should be noted that this is higher than the Part A Rating to which many windows are routinely tested.
BS6375 Part 1:2009. Please consult our performance declarations available to download for Water Tightness, Wind Resistance and Air Permeability.
BS6375 Part 2:2009. Operation and Strength Performance: Pass.


As a result of the improved stability of laminated timber construction we are able to provide guarantees for ten years on our paint finish and six years on our stain finish.

NOTE: All guarantees are subject to limitations and are strictly dependent upon compliance with manufacturers usage and maintenance instructions. These are available upon request.


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