Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you make internal doors?
We do not manufacture internal doors. We only manufacture external joinery products.

Q.  Do you manufacture using hardwood?
A. All of our products are manufactured from engineered softwoods. We do not manufacture from hardwood materials.

Q. Do you offer the option of applying glass protection?
A. We do offer this at an extra cost but advise that the film that is applied to the glass should be removed within 12 of delivery.

Q. Can bi-fold doors be supplied in kit form for on-site assembly?
A. We only offer fully assembled doors and your attention is drawn to the fact that these are a heavy product and will require mechanical assistance to off load and manoeuvre around site usually by forklift. Supplying in kit form is not an option we offer.

Q. Do you offer a supply and fit service?
A.We do offer this in certain areas of the UK using approved sub-contractors but please check with the sales office as to whether you are located in an area where we can offer this service.

Q. Who has responsibility for offloading the delivery vehicle?
A. It is the customers responsibility to offload the vehicle. Our driver will assist by removing the strapping securing the load to the vehicle but thereafter the customer is responsible for offloading and safe storage of the product. We normally advise that in most cases this should be conducted by use of a forklift truck.

Q. What warranties do Howarth offer?
A. Details of these can be found on our website but we advise that with regards to ironmongery and paint that these are the maximum warranty periods and may be subject to be reduced if your property is in an exposed or coastal location. Please contact the sales office for further details. 

Q. Am I able to see a sample?
A. We do provide samples for viewing in most cases but please contact the sales office for details. We do not offer a sample viewing service for very small enquiries and the website should be used to view our products.

Q. Can I obtain a price over the telephone?
A.We do not provide prices verbally. Your details and requirements will be taken and we will provide you with a written quotation.