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Timber Door Maintenance

Ever wondered how to stop your timber door from jamming, or why it won't lock properly? Does your door need a little TLC from general wear and tear? Or are you interested in some general maintenance tips to keep your timber door looking as good as new?

You're in luck. We've created videos on all of these topics, ensuring that the entrance to your home gets the care it deserves.


Faultfinding & adjustments

Is your timber door not square or not locking?

Howarth Timber Windows and Doors shows homeowners how to make minor fitting adjustments on their timber doors.

How to carry out a spot repair

Howarth Timber Windows and Doors show homeowners how to carry out spot repairs on their timber doors.

Handy Maintenance Tips

Howarth Timber Windows and Doors provides some important information and advice for homeowners on looking after their timber doors.